We invite you to join our team, as we believe we are a fair, honest, and competitive consulting firm that has Master Services Agreements in place and in good standing with both large and small operators working in most major US Basins. Energy First has created a Best-in-Class team both in the office and field that numerous customers in multiple basins know and respect therefore calling on Energy First for their consulting needs.

Energy First understands our consultants desire to have security and know that the firm they are working through is always looking to serve its consultant’s best interests. We continue to locate new opportunities for our consultants when their current rig is laid down or current project completed, striving to ensure that there is no or at least minimal lapse of work from hitch to hitch. Renae has always made it her mission to ensure our consultants are always paid on time and immediately takes care of any consultant concerns or problems with paperwork. Jim is a Petroleum Engineer by degree and is always a phone call away and never too busy to take time to answer a consultant’s technical question or concern about what he has going on in the field. Aaron is continuously travelling from basin-basin and customer-customer recruiting consultants and identifying new opportunities thus ensuring a backlog of work to keep our consultants with work.

We hope you consider Energy First Engineering & Consulting, LLC as your consulting firm for future work. Please feel free to call me at your convenience to discuss what Energy First can offer you.


Aaron B. Bland
Vice President
Energy First Engineering & Consulting, LLC
M: 720-810-5862 email: aaron@energyfirstus.com
O: 210-826-6800 F: 210-826-6803